First DIY musicians netlabel compilation: One!

The first release of the brand new DIY Musicians netlabel is a fact!

The netlabel is started by the people of the DIY Musicians group on and features artists connected to that group.

This first release (optimistically named ‘One’) is a compilation and features 27 different contributions from DIY artists living all over the world.
(So it’s a double album, actually).
Each artist brings their own unique aesthetic to the album.

It’s a very nice selection, with lots of variation, surprisingly good quality tracks and many cool discoveries, and the best news is: it’s comletely free!
So download and enjoy it!


01. Matthew That: My Life
02. DateMonthYear: Prelude
03. Bill Strange: Good At Night
04. Aloe up: Carry them
05. brokenkites: Silent Sun I
06. Joe Jack Wagner: Les Absents
07. Pete Davis: Fool
08. Solarein: Demo II
09. brunk: hank and I were just bored
10. joanofarke: Cosmic Interference
11. EL Heath: shadows on the carpet
12. Project Bluebird: Once in the Forest (With Eric Royer)
13. Moya: Die Hard
14. The Peach Tree: The Other Side
15. Speculativism: Kissing Your Beetle Bloodied Lips (instrumental version)
16. Tom Peel: I’m Pretty Sure Its Something To Do With The Moon
17. SilverlagE: Sh0tSignal
18. Terry Springford: Sympathy
19. Wolfframe: Lost Subway Wind
20. deadcat: C11H16BrNO2
21. Elektrolandmusik: automat#1
22. Kissing Zebra Jones: Bruno the Songdog
23. awaycaboose: Lullaby for Navidson
24. Jason Silver: Hope Has Taken Me
25. Psypillz: 06 06 am Greate world in grey stone
26. Fili O (so cool:)jukebox gemini girl
27. Dan Masquelier: A Toast


Download all tracks (107 MB zipped folder)
Download album booklet (20 MB PDF)
Download all tracks + booklet (127 MB zipped folder)
Download High Quality artwork (4 MB high resoluton tiff)

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This release’s torrent on mininova: page:

The netlabel and release page on

Visit the DIY Musician’s group on

The featured brunk track is a track from the upcoming brunk album on WM Recordings, ‘a simple guide’, sheduled to be released there somewhere in spring 2010!

Happy downloading new year to all!

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    Thanks for the songs, ideas and inspiration!
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