Something I Love – Christophe Annys (video by Joachim Vansteelant)

Posted on Mar 19, 2012 in brunk, Video

This is a stunning video by Joachim Vansteelant, a short documentary film dedicated to belgian sculptor Christophe Annys.

Soundtrack music by brunk. The two tracks used are ‘plankton‘ and ‘rustig liedje‘ both from the album mudskipper, which can be streamed and downloaded here:

Joachim Vansteelant on Vimeo.

Something I Love is a series about boundless enthusiasm. 
Each episode is a portrayal of someone’s passion.

Episode 1- Christophe Annys

Grip: Joost Broucke
DP: Jelle Van Coillie
Directed & Edited by Joachim Vansteelant
Music by brunk (Bert Vanden Berghe)

Filmed in Ghent, Belgium on January 16th, 2012.
Camera: Ikonoskop A-cam dII / GoPro HD Hero2
Lenses: Ikonoskop 9mm S16 / Linos MeVis-C 12, 16 & 25mm

Short Lyrical Documentary
Digital Video 1080p

Vimeo page