brunk + Hal McGee: the cassettes!

Posted on May 20, 2013 in Blog, brunk, Collaborations, Digital releases, Releases

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Cassette version of the brunk & Hal McGee microcassette duo collaboration: One sneaky linguistic secret.

A 61 minute cassette release (also available digitally and temporary on CD-R) of free improvisations, weird sounds, dadaïsm, noises, speech, acoustic and electric guitars, field recordings, voice, toys, Casio VL-Tone, Monotrons, ukulele.

One microcassette recorded by me in Ghent, the other microcassette recorded by Hal in Florida, USA, and both mixed together without knowing what was on the tapes – without edits (only some panning & volume tweaks), with this result.

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Digital version: