Nice review of brunk – ‘mudskipper’

Posted on May 20, 2013 in Blog, brunk, Reviews

brunk - mudskipper - CD-r - regular edition front

Cool review of brunk – mudskipper in Vital Weekly 880:

In Vital Weekly 877 Bert Vanden Berghe first popped up, and called himself Invertrebrata. Now he sends me a release under the guise of Brunk. An older release if you will, as this was already available in 2009 on bandcamp and CDR and now is re-issued ‘digital (itunes, spotify, amazon)’ and CDR. The music is a bit different too. As Invertrebrata he played a very free form of acoustic guitar music, solo as such, except when he allowed some sounds of TV into his music. Here, as Brunk, he plays much more electronics, along with guitar and field recordings, and as a result things are far more organized than on that more recent release. A piece like ‘Plankton’ is a right tour de force of ambient/drone music, while in ‘Item 6095363’, he plays more fingerpicking like, bringing it to a noise level and in ‘Rustig LieDJe’ he feeds similar picking through a bunch of echo machines. Unlike his recent Invertrebrata project this is all more ‘musical’, in whatever conventional sense of the word – but surely conventional by any Vital Weekly standard that is – and while some of this might surely based on improvisations, it’s all more organized. Quite a diverse release overall, I thought and most enjoyable. Perhaps two sides of the same coin: working out quite diverse tunes on the guitar. Very nice indeed. (FdW)

The track ‘HOND BLAFT’ was also included in the podcast:

Vital Weekly 880

Tracklist for Vital Weekly 880:

0000 Tune
0014 Vice – In Confidence
0314 Ritornell – In Every Dream Home A Heartache
0622 Weisser Westen – Mutterschif
0924 Sam Hamilton – New Intimacy
1229 Brunk – Hond Blaft
1554 Frederick Galiay – Strates/Exposure
1819 Bot – Compositions Continuums Des Machines
2126 Mario Gabola – Bigger Than Hip-hop
2431 Tune

Digital download and regular CD-R version of mudskipper available on bandcamp

mudskipper is also available on iTunes, Amazon, emusic and Spotify