t.r.o.s.f.k.a.s.e. (1999)

The Return Of Something Formerly Known As Something Else

Released 30 April 1999 on CD-R, now available digitally on bandcamp.
Lots and lots (and lots) of DIY cutting-and-pasting of sounds & samples, and then some more chopping and slicing of beats and bits… (still: some guitars here and there!). A strange & naieve collision of avant garde, drum’n’bass, industrial and nonsense.

This album was one of the contenders of ‘Demopoll’, where demos were played on national radio station Studio Brussel, somewhere in 2000. When radio hostess Roos van Acker asked another candidate what he thought of this other demo, his reaction was: ‘a bit strange, isn’t it?’ – which totally nails it of course ;-)

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