brunk – insert coins to continue

17 tracks
CD-r (2006)
Digital release (WM Recordings, 2008)

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brunk - insert coins to continue (2006)

brunk – insert coins to continue

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Based upon loud and dusty oldschool hiphop & some industrial beats, noisy samples, bluesrock & metal guitars with lots of effects and a touch of melancholy mixed with lots of bad taste.

It was released as a free download by WM Recordings in 2009.

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Music featured in ‘Supernatural Wife’ by Big Dance Theater

The track ‘arghl‘ from insert coins to continue has been used in a choreography of New York’s dance company Big Dance Theater.

It’s also used in the trailer:

Big Dance Theater- Supernatural Wife Trailer 2011 from Joshua Higgason on Vimeo.

This is the direct link to the video on vimeo:

Supernatural Wife is Big Dance Theater’s adaptation of the Euripides play, Alkestis, based on Anne Carson’s translation. Co-Directed by Annie-B Parson and Paul Lazar; choreography by Annie-B Parson; video by Jeff Larson; lighting by Joe Levasseur; set design by Joanne Howard; sound design by Jane Shaw; costumes by Oana Botez-Ban. Performers: Tymberly Canale, Molly Hickok, Chris Giarmo, Aaron Mattocks, Elizabeth DeMent and Pete Simpson.

Upcoming Performances:

Nov 17-19, Walker Art Center
Nov 29-Dec 3, BAM Harvey Theater


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