brunk – mudskipper

9 tracks
CD-r limited edition of 15
CD-r regular editon
Digital release

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brunk - mudskipper (2010)

9 tracks of mostly quiet and loosely improvised electric guitar with some broken beats, drone, ambient, fieldrecording and a noisy touch here and there.

CD-R edition of 15 hand numbered copies: sold out.

DIgital download and regular CD-R version available on bandcamp

mudskipper is also available on iTunes, Amazon, emusic and Spotify

Bandcamp page

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There was a nice review of mudskipper in Vital Weekly 880:

“(…) Here, as brunk, he plays much more electronics, along with guitar and field recordings, and as a result things are far more organized than on that more recent release. A piece like ‘Plankton’ is a right tour de force of ambient/drone music, while in ‘Item 6095363’, he plays more fingerpicking like, bringing it to a noise level and in ‘Rustig LieDJe’ he feeds similar picking through a bunch of echo machines. Unlike his recent Invertrebrata project this is all more ‘musical’, in whatever conventional sense of the word – but surely conventional by any Vital Weekly standard that is – and while some of this might surely based on improvisations, it’s all more organized. Quite a diverse release overall, I thought and most enjoyable. Perhaps two sides of the same coin: working out quite diverse tunes on the guitar. Very nice indeed. (FdW)”