brunk – spondylitis ankylosans

12 tracks
CD-r (2007)
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(Dog Eared Records, 2007)

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brunk - spondylitis ankylosans (2007)

brunk – spondylitis ankylosans

“12 unclassifiable guitar pieces, sometimes terse, often abrasive, a chemistry set burping red and orange flares over a cheerful radioactive green background… neither improv, noise, psychedelia, angular jazz rock dissonance nor Loren Mazzacane Connors inspired musings, brunk’s work flexes all over the map leaving behind iodine stains and cigarrette burns… and some studied moments of visceral beauty.” (E. Padilla)

Improvisations on guitar + loopstation. Just some very rough, quick 1-track recordings with an electric guitar (some tele, some strat) and a loopstation. For each track the guitar is differently detuned in a random way; this way I had to ‘explore’ the tuning myself each time while playing. No edits were made, I preferred not to disguise the very lo-fi & sketchy character of these tracks.

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