Track by Invertebrata and Föräldrarna on ELECTRONIC COTTAGE COMPILATION 5

Posted on Aug 20, 2019 in Blog, Collaborations, Compilations, invertebrata, Releases

ELECTRONIC COTTAGE COMPILATION 5 – ‘Chance Encounters’ is a compilation of collaborative duos chosen by chance.

58 members of the Electronic Cottage Community requested participation in the EC Compilation project.

On July 12, 2019 Hal McGee drew two names at a time from a brown paper sack containing slips of paper on which he had written the names of the 58 participants.

​The collaborators were instructed to create an audio work not exceeding two minutes and 53 seconds in length, plus artwork to accompany the audio recording.

Bulbous eyes‘ is one of the tracks, by Föräldrarna (Jonas Juuso) an Invertebrata (Bert Vanden Berghe).

Invertebrata recorded a short dada/noise improvisation on a detuned & preparded acoustic guitar on a laptop, in Cubase, with a Shure SM57 microphone and through a Presonus Firestudio interface, and then added some overdubs: a few microphone pops/cracks, the sound of a Tonka toy truck and some sounds made through a toy mini-megaphone. A few small edits were made, and some stereo effects were added in Cubase, and then Invertebrata sent this track to Jonas (Föräldrarna).

Föräldrarna added vocals to Invertebrata’s guitar noise track. He improvised lyrics concerning distorted body image, cosmetic surgery, a sort of vulgar extreme of vanity creating impaired, grotesque humans, but no more vulgar or distorted than the real thing of course! He used the pitch effect on a Korg MicroSampler manipulated live to alter his voice.
This recording was sent back to Invertebrata, who mixed and (slightly/gently) mastered both parts.
Et voila! The track ‘Bulbous Eyes‘ by Invertebrata & Föräldrarna was born!

Check out the whole album and info on each track here or here.


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