brunk – winter ep

winter ep contains 4 tracks with a complete duration of 21 minutes, recorded in February 2008. All 4 pieces are slow, contemplative and guitar-driven with additional sounds and noises. Only “Laika’s view”, the first track, is really drone-based with floating noises and haunting melodies. The three other pieces are full of beautiful envolving guitar-melodies, enriched with background-noises, nature-sounds, talking, walking, footsteps and feedbacks.
Very calming, soothing and beauteous. The perfect release to welcome the spring.”

‘winter ep’ was released as a free download on Resting Bell in 2009:

Vital Weekly review:
“From Belgium is Bert Vanden Berghe, born in 1977, who released before on WM Recordings and Dog Eared Records. He plays guitar and sound effects, along with some field recordings. It opens with a nice drone like piece, in which the guitar is remotely busy in the back. In the other three pieces of this twenty minute E.P., the guitar plays a more dominant role. Using e-bow, chord changes and field recordings, his music is quite a common place for ambient in the good old Brian Eno sense, but also a bit old fashioned in a Robert Fripp solo style, which is not really my cup of tea, although I must say its not bad either. The twenty minutes on offer is quite alright for moody, atmospheric music.
(FdW – )

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CD-R (2009)
Digital (2009) (Resting Bell)
Digital (2013)

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