Karen Eliot - 28-04-07 edits

The 3 tracks on this album are edited excerpts of the improvised session Karen Eliot recorded on April 28, 2007.
The session was recorded as one stereo track with a portable recorder. Excerpts from this stereo track were used as source material for these edits, adding various effects & some VST synth sounds (and a speech sample by NASA (www.nasa.gov/connect/sounds/index.html) in Movement 2).

During this recording session on April 28, 2007 Karen Eliot existed of:
Luther Blissett: bass guitar, microphone, objects, effects
He Who Ha Ha (a brunkville character): guitar, microphone, objects, effects

Editing, mix, mastering & artwork: He Who Ha Ha (a brunkville character) (2021)

Karen Eliot - 28-04-97 edits

Digital + CD-R (2021)

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