Kungstrep Birkovod - driewerf

Electronic Cottage Split 10, is a split album by Kungstrep Birkovod and Lezet.
Each artist contributed 30 minutes of new music for this release (one long track by Kungstrep Birkovod, and 3 tracks by Lezet),
so there’s roughly one hour worth of fresh and adventurous new sonic roller coasters, experimental audio-adventures and your trusty old headbanging goodness!
Turn up the volume end enjoy the ride 🙂

This album is released on Hal McGee’s Electronic Cottage label on September 27, 2020.


Kungstrep Birkovod is Bert Vanden Berghe
using, for this occasion: a Fender Stratocaster, a Fender Telecaster, a JWC gypsy guitar (petite bouche), an Epiphone Les Paul (with pickups modified by the previous owner), a Squier Jazz Bass, a little mouth organ, the obligatory ‘plastic peanut’ percussion shaker thing, Cubase Pro 8.5, Scarlett 18i8 interface, Rode NT5 & Shure SM58 mics, various VST effects and VST amp sims (mainly VST Amp Rack, VST Bass Amp, and GTR Solo Tool Rack), a few free VST instruments (e.g. TAL-Noisemaker, synister), Nektar Impakt LX49+ midi keyboard, Superior Drummer, field recordings made in Ghent (BE) and Hulst (NL), several random objects (starring the dishwasher, a few squeaking doors and the vacuum cleaner), toys, plant seeds, and a few other occasional & anonymous devices used as (un)intended sound sources.
Also sneaked in are some snippets of sound provided by Lezet, at the end of this track (with his kind permission of course!) 🙂


Lezet was originally a name Igor Jovanovic had in mind for his high school crossover metal band that never came to be, and although the name itself came to be associated with experimental music (and a mattress factory in Macedonia), Igor remained fascinated with the idea of making eclectic/experimental metal, and would occasionally make a metal-oriented track here and there. Almost two years after a great split with Dislexic Fudgicle, it was time to do another fantastic full-on metal split.
Igor is currently a member of Lezet, Koi Karp, Gid, FiXtion.