The Returns - demo 2004

The Returns were 4 friends jamming together and having fun – we made some kind of garagerock / punk / rock’n’roll / lo-fi – nothing too seriously, just lots of energy and lots of decibels 🙂 The band was only a few months old and we thought it would be nice to have a little demo. Very roughly recorded (most of it live in one take), in one afternoon, in the rehearsal room.

Many thanks to Jan Desseyn for helping us out with the recording!

Sil Goossens (vocals),
Bert Vankeirsbilck (drums),
Klaas Vanden Berghe (bass),
Bert Vanden Berghe (guitar)

The Returns - demo 2004 artwork - punk rock'n'roll from Belgium

CD-r (2004)
Digital (2013)

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