brunk – cdtje voor…

3 tracks
3" CD-r
Edition of 5

brunk - cdtje voor… (2006)

brunk – cdtje voor…

EP (mini 3″ CD-r) with 3 tracks.

Improvised solo acoustic guitar, lo-fi recording.
Dedicated to some family & friends.
Edition of 5 copies only.

Track listing:

01. een geïmproviseerd liedje (3 juni 2006)  02:24
02. nog een geïmproviseerd liedje (3 juni 2006)  02:46
03. en nog eentje (3 juni 2006)  02:26

Podcast: a room with a fire

a room with a fire

2 tracks form ‘cdtje voor…’ have been included in a small podcast I made in 2008, called ‘a room with a fire’, and which can be listened or downloaded at

Listen to the podcast here:
brunk podcast: a room with a firea room with a fire

This podcast contains some songs from former brunk recordings, and various samples from movies and other sources. The snippets of a man reading in French, that’s Albert Camus himself, reading from his famous classic ‘L’étranger’… Two movies from witch I used samples in between songs are ‘Naked Lunch’ (David Cronenberg, 1991) and ‘the Invisible Man’ (H.G. Wells, 1933), both exeptional movies; and also one I don’t remember (let me know if you recognise it…).
This is the tracklist of the songs:

1. untitled (taken from ‘cdtje voor…’, 2007)
2. low profile (from ‘so lo so fi’, 2005)
3. Eyes/Stars (from ‘Wilco Sowjet’, 2001)
4. untitled (from ‘cdtje voor…’, 2007)
5. no pun intended (from ‘a simple guide’, 2005)
6. Sunday Evening (from ‘Locus Communis’, 1998)
7. frisbee (from ‘sept 2003‘, 2003)