11 tracks
CD-r (2006)
Digital release
(Dog-Eared Records 2009)

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2‘ is the second invertebrata album’, now with some electronica, a little bit of percussion and a beat here and there.
Recorded in 2006 and first released as CD-r, it was later (in january 2009) released as a free download at Dog-Eared Records.

Invertebrata: or how I learned to stop worring about tuning my guitar and love the mad, crooked improv of Bert Vanden Berghe (a.k.a. brunk). Genre splicing goes beyond post modern here (or even post mortem), so, this is not quite your average atonal brut jazz folk with some touches of underground rock album. In fact, this is not your average chance-happy, rare weirdo album either… I doubt this thing could be imitated at all, not even by its autor (but then again, why would he want to do a thing like that?). Which goes to show, sometimes an outlandish sequence of wrongs can make an unique RIGHT, right?” (review by Eduardo Padilla)

Go to [ invertebrata.bandcamp.com] to download the full album for free.

Some flash from the old website:


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