The Picture of Karen Eliot

This is the first Karen Eliot release: a freely improvised sound/noise collage without predefined rules Karen Eliot did on november 1st, 2006. This album is the unedited live recording of that improvisation.

The first part/track of this recording, ’01-11-2006a’, was featured as ‘Track 13′ on Mind The Gap 67 – the disc that accompanied dutch (BE) alternative & experimental music magazine Gonzo Circus (nr. 80) in april 2007.

Tracklist CD-r:

01. 01-11-2006a 06:52
02. 01-11-2006b 53:48

Available on Bandcamp, divided into 6 tracks:

He Who Ha Ha (a brunkville character): guitar, voice, samples, sounds, loops, effects, flute, mini maracas, microphone, mixing, metallofoon, opinion;
Luther Blissett: Bass, efx, sounds, loops, voice, effects, woodblock, phone call, microphone, masterplan, another opinion;
Karen Eliot: Mastering, recording, artwork, producing, bantering

Karen Eliot - experimental improvisation - album artwork

CD-r (2006)

Track 1 featured on Mind The Gap 67
compilation by Gonzo Circus (2007)


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