brunk - insert coins to continue

Dusty hip hop beats, cut-and-pasted grooving noisy bluesrock and straight forward ‘bad taste’ metal riffs, loud heroic lo-fi guitar soloing and weird processed synth sounds…: brunk, but not as you knew it! 🙂

‘insert coins to continue’ was eleased as a free download on WM Recordings in 2009:

Now also available digitally & on CD-R on Bandcamp.

The track ‘arghl‘ has been used in the 2010 choreagraphy ‘Supernatural Wife’ of New York’s dance company Big Dance Theater.

It’s also used in the trailer, check it out on Vimeo:

Supernatural Wife – Trailer from Big Dance Theater on Vimeo.

Supernatural Wife is Big Dance Theater’s adaptation of the Euripides play, Alkestis, based on Anne Carson’s translation. Co-Directed by Annie-B Parson and Paul Lazar; choreography by Annie-B Parson; video by Jeff Larson; lighting by Joe Levasseur; set design by Joanne Howard; sound design by Jane Shaw; costumes by Oana Botez-Ban. Performers: Tymberly Canale, Molly Hickok, Chris Giarmo, Aaron Mattocks, Elizabeth DeMent and Pete Simpson.

brunk - insert coins to continue - artwork

CD-r (2006)
Digital (2008) (WM Recordings)
Digital (Bandcamp)

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