Now available: remix version of the album ‘invertebrata 6‘, autogenerated by software created by Electronic Cottage Member Thomas Jackson Park – Many thanks Thomas for this wonderful computer generated remix/deconstruction/reconstruction!

Get it on Bandcamp:

All deconstruction/reconstruction/rearranging was done purely by software, without human interaction in the actual process.

Some info by Thomas on the Python applications he programmed, used to create these iterations/remixes:
‘What they do is they take source sounds, and firstly they randomly make shorter samples from them. There are 4 kinds of samples- some are longish and steady, some short and repetitive. Some are just short. Others are medium phrases that fade in and out. Once a good number of samples has been made from a source sound or sounds (I tend to create 600), I use another software to randomly pull in 24 at a time and “loop” them, or play them over and over. The player software itself resets somewhat randomly, so that when I record from it, it will keep pulling in different sets of 24 sounds out of the 600 I derived. So, basically, I re-iterate a sound– I extract from it and put the extracted sounds in new order(s).”

If you want to further investigate, this is a good starting place with lots of info, examples and links to several free web applications by Thomas Park:

Some more info on how free Python code is used to generate remixes and topical sound collages:

And some thoughts and background regarding Generative Music And Artificial Intelligence:

released November 6, 2019

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