Available now: brunk – some 1998 leftovers: a short album with some very old leftovers: rough lo-fi / badly recorded & badly mixed / some nonsense too / demo tracks from back in 1998 – these must be some of my earliest ‘brunk’ recordings (recorded shortly after I made the first brunk demo, ‘le néant’ – and around the time I did ‘a little jumbling experiment’ I think). I found them on an old hard drive while I was going through some old files to delete. They never got on a demo or on an album – thought I’d share them now anyway – as distorted and rough and silly as they are – just for fun.

Track 1 is an unfinished one, a little bit more recent (from maybe around 2000 I think, but not sure). The rest of this premature skeleton of a song got lost in a computer crash, so it can’t be finished anymore. Somehow an unfinished fragment seemed to be an ideal way to kick off this weird little collection 😉

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