Glad to be part of this one! This is a wonderful, long remix/mix by I.v. Martinez, made of several tracks (or source material) by 6 Electronic Cottage members (one of them being yours truly) and the result is a fascinating (and fascinatingly cohesive) audio-trip. Check it out @ Completely Gone Recordings – its a free download / name your price!

“Once upon a time I.v.Martinez made post on FB group Electronic Cottage about his idea of collaborative project, because he loves to work with sonic material by weirdos from all around the world. Six awesome sound artist sent their sounds (we can call it source files). The files were so good that he decided (as a first phase of the project) to use it as he got it, unmodified (no editing or processing). He mixed it with his sounds (mostly field recordings) and the result is a collage that tells the different story to every one of the listeners.

Put your headphones on, turn the lights off and be welcome in the world of mutaE-CO.”



Source files creators were:

>Neal D Retke aka {AN} Eel

>Bert Vanden Berghe aka brunk aka Passive Cable Theory

>Patrizio Pica aka Ben Presto

>Shaun Robert

>Trevor Luke aka Lumen Kishkumen

>Travis D. Johnson

Project curator:
>I.v.Martinez (idea, sounds, construction)