Beethoven, Beatles, brunk, Borg and Bagpipes on the latest splognerizer

A brunk song from the album ‘sept 2003‘ has been used in this Splognerizer mix, called ‘Number nine‘.
This is the latest episode in a series of brilliantly weird, fascinating and very entertaining podcast shows by Splogman aka Jan Turkenburg. Check it out!

Splognerizer Number nine


Here’s the playlist:

1. Splogman – 9th symphony remix (using excerpts of several renditions of van Beethoven’s 9th symphony, drum samples and electronic fx)
2. Bhuddha Pest – Blue Jah Way (splogman’s additions: The Beatles and van Beethoven)
3. Louis Clarck – Ode to joy
4. First Moog Quartett – Eleanor Rigby (Beatles)
5. Splogman – 10538 overture (ELO)
6. Karl Peinkofer Percussion Ensemble– Gassenhauer (Gunild Keetman)
7. Surreal XTC – Seven of Nine (Borg remix)
8. from: 100 bagpipe melodies – 100 kaba-bagpipes
9. Splogman – First Weird Waltz (using excerpts from: Fanka Koinarova – Gluodai Ma, Glyodai, a Sun Ra drum sample and keyboard)
10. Frank Masi – Dreamer’s Holiday
11. brunkinsight
12 Chiemi Eri – Sano Sa
13. Electric Light Orchestra – Long black road
14. Terbangen Ensemble Roekom Langeng Trismo – Wong oerip neng alam doonjoh
15. Cockney Rebel – Death Trip
16. Bonus

Thanks Splogman!