Rubber Stamp Sound

is now available online at Bandcamp and on double CD-R!

Listen and purchase downloads and CD-Rs here:

Electronic Cottage Compilation 6: Rubber Stamp Sound was originally released on cassette in an edition of 90 copies in October 2019, and consisted of recordings by 45 members of the Electronic Cottage community.

Contributors submitted recordings of than two minutes or less on a standard audio cassette, and spoke their names and locations
at the beginning of their recordings.

I was one of the contributors, with a Passive Cable Theory track ‘Yes/No‘.
Today I would label it a Kungstrep Birkovod track, since it’s more dadaism than noise, but a year ago Kunstrep Birkovod didn’t exist yet.
You can check the track here:

Cassette compilation covers were rubber stamped in black ink on plain white card stock with the title and theme,
and the cassette labels were handprinted.
No other texts were given with the original cassette version.

The original cassette copies were duplicated and rubber stamped at home.

Each of the 45 contributors received two complimentary copies of the tape compilation, and each copy was unique due to the nature of rubber stamps and analog duplication.

The character of these recordings is primitive and lo-fi, very direct and personal.

released May 17, 2020
ECC6 was conceived, compiled, and produced by Hal McGee.

Contributors will receive two free download codes and one free double-CDR. It will take several days and weeks to dispense these codes and discs, so until then please enjoy the compilation in streaming audio.