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Electronic Cottage Compilation 7

Forgotten Memories Of A Harsh Future – a tribute to the Harsh Reality Music label

I’m really glad and proud to be part of this wonderful compilation (with a track by brunk: ‘soften the blow‘):

No less than 34 Electronic Cottage members contributed a track to this musical tribute to the Harsh Reality Music label – the long running and famous homemade music label of the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s, operated by Chris Phinney of Memphis, Tennessee. It was one of the most important cassette labels of the 1980s Cassette Culture, and lately Chris has been digitizing the back catalogue on Bandcamp – it is really worthwile checking it out, lots of cool stuff and gems there!

The compilation, curated and produced by Chris Phinney and Hal McGee, really turned out great, very cohesive and with lots of superb tracks, reflecting the music of the HRM label.

Check it out!