The track ‘havoc‘, by brunk is featured in the playlist of this wonderful radio show called Skull Bottle Sorcery radio show – Episode 98.

I really liked this epidsode. It’s highly recommended if you’re into lo-fi, gentle acoustic guitars, drones, ambient, some bleeps and strange noises, some spaced-out stuff, some introspective lo-fi piano… Very good music to discover!

And I also like the text-to-speech presentation, totally brunk-approved 🙂

You can listen the podcast here:…/skull-bottle-sorcery-episode-98

This episode consists of the following recordings:

“Chaconne” by Trevor Helminski

“He’d Never Understand” by Paracusis…inal-thoughts

“cricket” by cowhause…lin-bricker-2

YELLOW by okkulte

“havoc” by brunk

“Letting Go” by Noemi Garcia

“Special Request” by Harold Iapetus…h-beginning

“Recline on Zanzibar” by Semiotic Ghosts

“Improv 2020” by E. S. Capeditiea

“Meteor Matador 2” by Phaneronaut…m-the-quarry

“Recordings for quarantined people and those flying to Mars” by
Cedrik Fermont…-flying-to-mars


The one-track EP ‘havoc’ by brunk is available as a free (or name-your-orice) download on Bandcamp: