The compilation ‘Musique Concrète – general resources‘ by IFAR (Institute For Alien Research) contains a new unreleased INVERTEBRATA track, titled ‘Are you sure? A 4’33” view’:

‘Are you sure? A 4’33” view’ is one of the 15 tracks on the album, all are exactly 4’33” in length, by artists such as EKM, OS125, A. P. Vague, Ben Salomon, aiffhead, Rudy Underglass, Frans Kedes, invertebrata, Public Domain, Body 13, mutantbeatniks, Matthew Bambas, Von Neumann Architecture, M.NOMIZED, Shaun Robert and Oliver Loveday.

The album is one of an ongoing series, that will eventually consist of 40 volumes, and its purpose is to question what Musique Concrète is, within the parameters set. Keep an eye on to see this fantastic project evolve!

This particular volume (Musique Concrète general resources compilation) focusses on ‘general resources’, as you probably guessed – whatever interpretation that might imply.

Get the full compilation on Bandcamp: