V Poiskah DoDo & friends - shorty musicV Poiskah DoDo & friends organised a nice compilation series on the concept of ‘Shorty music‘: a collection tracks with a maximum length of 1min30sec or shorter.
Everything was set up and organised through a dedicated facebook group.
(As stated in the initial info for the project: “Shorty” as a concentrate (compaction, compression, spasm) of experience, meaning, absurdity …)

The first edition had as theme ‘May I be excused?‘, and there were so many submissions that this first edition was split into 5 parts with 10 tracks each.

The concept of short tracks is great in these times of short attention spans:
it grabs and holds the listener’s attention and delivers lots of variation, some humor and sudden outbursts of noise! 🙂

An ideal environment for Kungstrep Birkovod to premiere his first track: cOndensed sOup.


And of course, also check the other releases from shorty music V Poiskah DoDo & friends !