This is just out: a massive release, free download!
With no less than 98 (!) tracks from experimental artists from all over the world, compiled by Electronic cottage member and longtime experimental music/cassette culture/mail art hero Chris Phinney on his own Harsh Reality label as a labour of love – it looks like this is a classic already!
More than 6 hours of great music…
Lots of Electronic Cottage members, and even 2 tracks by yours truly: a track by brunk and one by Kungstrep Birkovod – feel free to check it out and ENJOY!


This is the track by brunk, ‘any given thought’:

And this is the new Kungstrep Birkovod track, ‘WEAR MASKS’ – which features speech samples recorded by Electronic Cottage member Niniji Chen in Taiwan.
The voices I warped and transformed to use in this track are announcers at public places who say people are obligated to wear face masks (for obvious Corona/COVID-19 reasons).

These are the liner notes from Chris Phinney on this release:

This album came about as the result of a conversation between myself & Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt March 20th, where we discussed circling all the wagons & going out with our boots on due to the virus & health conditions. We leave here a digital footprint actually a bootprint. Many thanks go out to KR Seward for the cover art. The project was announced March 21st in a lot of places. You did not need an invitation to participate. I did send out many invitations to this project to individual artists as well. I have made this project flow in a way that I like to listen to it. Hopefully you will too. This is a free download & I put a lot of work into this project. A labor of love so to speak. Total run time is 6 hours, 38 minutes & 13 seconds.98 awesome tracks or pieces of music. A 5 GB Zip download. Download takes around depending on your connection speed it is a 1 hr & 11 minute download. There are links to check out all of the contributing artists music. I hope you enjoy this release & share it with your friends. I really had a great time putting this together. Many thanks go out from me to all the participating artists! You made this project all worthwhile. Without each of you this project would have been impossible. I thank you for making this happen. Compiled by Chris Phinney from March 21st thru April 25th 2020.

released April 27, 2020

All tracks are © the individual artists.
Album © Harsh Reality Music
A Harsh Reality Music release