Passive Cable Theory – Initial reduction flaking

Passive Cable Theory - Intial reduction flaking

Passive Cable Theory – Initial reduction flaking

Recorded nov/dec 2010.


01. Reduction 05:14
02. Portrait 05:54
03. Inevetability 07:15
04. Happy home 02:42
05. Starling plague 06:27
06. Blanket 11:17

Starts like some Vangelis synthesizer gone lunatic, and it doesn’t look back.

Portrait is the most personal track here.
Most people will probably consider track 3 (Inevetability) to be unlistenable and terribly annoying. I guess they’re completely right, and still it’s there, for a full 7 minutes and 15 horrible seconds.

There are some really simple, minimalistic tracks here, exploring little textures and variations of mostly harsh/shrill sounds, evolving noises and abstract fragments.

No guitars this time, mostly heavily processed & distorted synths and structures and violent, piercing bursts of exploding noise. Enjoy.

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