a little jumbling experiment

Some weird bits and pieces (and some complete nonsense) I recorded in 1998.
I used lots of samples, mainly from sample-cd’s that came with music magazines in those days (including terribly cheesy ones), composed a few lines for some midi-instruments, recorded a cheap acoustic steelstring guitar with an even cheaper microphone and amateuristically mangled and mixed everything in a very early version of Cubase (I think). Or maybe a simple DAW called ‘Session’, not sure what I used back then but it isn’t around anymore, that’s for sure.

Available digitally on bandcamp since 2013;
2 additional leftovers where added that weren’t on the original CD-R version.

a little jumbling experiment album artwork (1998)

CD-R (1998)
7 tracks

Digital (2013)
9 tracks

Bandcamp page