brunk - le néant

le néant‘ is the very first official brunk album. Actually, it’s more some kind of rough demo, but flawed as it was, I still considered it a finished product. DIY philosophy, you know 🙂

It’s a lo-fi outsider bric-à-brac, (somehow) recorded with one cheap microphone, and very amateuristicly mixed on a 160 Mhz Macintosh Performa (indeed: with those tiny little built-in speakers) – hence this result…

By the way: thanks to Sebas and Thomas!

‘le néant’ unexpectedly became ‘demo of the week’ in the radio show ‘Bassta’ on the Flemish radio station Studio Brussel, in april 1998, then presented by Jan Sprengers:

brunk - le néant album artwork

le néant

CD-R (1998)

Digital (2013)

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