These are some video’s I discovered only recently on Vimeo, with music by brunk in the soundtrack.
Some very nice work! Interesting to see/hear these tracks in totally different context.
I liked it when there was a free Creative Commons / rights free market on Vimeo –
so CC music like mine could be used freely by video creators.
(Too bad this option doesn’t exist anymore.)

Especially this trailer, I think, is beautiful:

CC아트해프닝 음악회 trailer from AN20 on Vimeo.


This ones are cool too:

Jernbanetorget – The Waiting Room from StudioHead on Vimeo.


Atropelamento do Milhouse from Mark Keppler on Vimeo.


Blanco y Negro from cue martin on Vimeo.


Demo Octobre 2010 from Simon Guyomard | Spoon on Vimeo.


Empori from Duvan Lopera on Vimeo.


Jump4E from Mark Warner on Vimeo.


Mr. Brown from Jon Manning on Vimeo.


Splaaaaaaa…sh. from oracolo on Vimeo.


There’s more – maybe I should dedicate a page to this 🙂