Song for Hal McGee

A tribute to Hal McGee
dedicated to all Electronic Cottage group members!

In august 2019, I recorded a track as a tribute to Hal McGee, inspirator & driving force behind the online (and offline) Electronic Cottage community.

ELECTRONIC COTTAGE is an international magazine where independent artists, musicians, writers and freethinkers share in-depth articles, essays, interviews, tech and gear reviews and tutorials, and much more.
EC draws inspiration from the Cassette Culture Revolution of the 1980s, 90s and beyond; Mail Art, Small Press and Zines, Dada, Fluxus, Punk Rock, Hacking, Circuit Bending, Anarchy, and Noise.
EC values inclusion, democracy, experimentation, independence and freedom of thought and expression, open-minded exchange, and Community.

​The Electronic Cottage website ( is primarily an online magazine for the publication of lengthy and in-depth articles, essays, and interviews.

For those of us who use Facebook Hal has created the Electronic Cottage Group on Facebook (, which is a casual social gathering place of the EC Community, where EC people can meet, share artwork and news of current projects and releases.
The website and this EC Facebook Group are two separate but connected entities of the greater EC Community.

The Electronic Cottage Group on facebook has inspired me a lot, it sparked fun, led to new connections and collaborations with wonderful and creative people from all over the world, and is truly a vivid environment, not in the least thanks to Hal’s tireless effort which keep the whole group involved and active.

So… I thought a little tribute would be in place – and true to the spirit of the group I created a one-of-a-kind mail art/audio object (being a mail art noob – it undoubtedly is just my humble diy interpretation of course) – this expiremental track, duration of 23’57”, to fit exactly on one 3-inch CD-R, packaged in a little DIY handmade mail art postcard, and mailed it to Hal as a gift. This CD-R is the only physical copy that I made, so it is a unique piece!