Sounds and Looks Like Life

An Electronic Cottage Project
This is an international community audio/video/photo assemblage project, consisting of sounds, photo’s and video fragments of daily life made by 45 Electronic Cottage members during the month of June 2020.
Experimental audio folk art for the 21st Century!

I had LOTS of fun contributing photo’s, video and audio snippets to this wonderful and wonderfully original project.

No less than 1820 Audio Files and 3606 Visual Files were contributed by the 45 participants!!

Audio files contributed by the SaLLL project participants were mixed by random chance procedures in an audio assemblage along with sounds from the video clips from the Sounds and Looks Like Life movie, which you can view here (or below):

(There is an option for High Definition playback. Be sure to select it and watch at full screen!)

Sounds and Looks Like Life project participants are:
{AN} EeL (Canada), Aaron Abrams, Al Margolis, Andrew Dalio, Anton Mobin (France), Austin Rich, Bert Vanden Berghe (Yep, that’s me! – The Netherlands), Bill Northcott (Canada), Bret Hart, Charles Rice Goff III, Charlie Kramer, Chris Phinney, Colette Parisa, Crank Sturgeon, D. Petri, David Nadeau (Canada), Dylan Houser, Francesco Aprile (Italy), Hal Harmon, Hal McGee, Harold Schellinx (France), Jay Peele, Jeremiah Paddock, Joey Patrickt, Jonas Juuso (Sweden), Juan Angel Italiano (Uruguay), Judith Pauly-Bender (Germany), Justin Moore, K.R. Seward, Leslie Singer, Lezet (Serbia), Lumen K, Maozifan (Taiwan), Max Eastman, Michael Ridge (England), Mike Cosma, Neda Mehrjoo (Iran), Niniji Chen (Taiwan), osvaldo cibils (Spain), Patrizio Pica (Italy), Phillip Klampe, Rafael González (Spain), Seiei Jack (Japan), Tim Jones (Wales), Will Soderberg.
(No country stated = USA.)

Conceived, produced, directed, stipulated, assembled and constructed by Hal McGee, employing random chance and automatistic procedures.

The original Sounds and Looks Like Life project page, including project guidelines and stipulations, can be found here:

The 170-minute SaLLL audio assemblage has been divided into six parts for the listener’s convenience.

The Sounds and Looks Like Life project is BIG and LENGTHY, almost three hours. It will take a long time to enjoy and discover in all of its fullness and richness. Please take your time and enjoy it. There is no rush. The movie and audio album will give all of us much to enjoy and savor for many months and years to come.

Sounds and Looks Like Life is a one of a kind, singular, collaborative community art project. It is joyous and strange and funny and sad and chaotic and puzzling and imperfect and a little bit noisy. It is filled with LIFE. It is difficult in some ways, and not necessarily “politically correct”. We are living in odd times and SaLLL is a reflection of these odd and challenging times. In my opinion the best art encourages us to be empathetic, patient, loving, courageous, and joyous.

The spirits of dada, fluxus, cassette culture, mail art, and experimentalism can be found fully alive and breathing within Sounds and Looks Like Life. It is not easily digestible in just a few seconds or minutes. Spend time with it and get to know it and love it for the many things that it is.

Share Sounds and Looks Like Life with your friends and associates, but please be aware that some images and sounds might not be suitable for children or workplaces.
released July 4, 2020