This is a wonderful video I found on Vimeo, which uses a track (appropriately titled ‘trash’) by brunk.
Bonus: I definitely agree with the message!
The animation is beautifully done by Gábor Filkor.
Check it out:

The title & text under the movie translates like this:

Until it breaks down…
Our actions have an impact on our future. Improper waste management can have irreversible consequences in the long term.
Created by Gábor Filkor and Tímea Horváth


The track used (‘trash’) is from the album ‘none of the above‘, which can be streamed or downloaded for free on FMA or Bandcamp:

If you’re a video maker and want to use some of my music, feel free to contact me: a lot of my music can be used for free (with a creative commons licence) as long as your work is not for commercial use, only mentioning of my name (brunk – Bert Vanden Berghe) is required (Attribution). I’m always curious to see my music in other applications, so let me know! 🙂
(Also if you want to use my music for commercial goals, get in touch with me.)

Some of my albums are also available on Free Music Archive (FMA):