On LegalTorrents I found this funny little review of invertebrata 4:

“Sounded too weird to pass on it –
I mean it is aprils fools day, so there might be other intentions. The description is bang on, the quality of the recording is excellent. Einstürzende Neubauten comes to mind, but more in a chamber than an abandoned factory. Less lyrics. Yes, I think that sums it up quite well.”

That’s a cool one 🙂

But this is the winner, on brunk – insert coins to continue:

Berts breakfast –
I can only imagine Bert had a drumcomputer for breakfast, washed it down with some of the early Prodigys energy and a bit of Aphex Twins sugar while Mario fixed his plumbing. Then the sun came out and he wrote this music. (This is written to encourage you, not to repel, just to make sure!)”

I really like that one 🙂
Thanks Ragnar Roeck!

You can find both albums on Bandcamp: