A short podcast, with tracks from several albums by brunk:


1. untitled (from ‘cd’tje voor…‘)
2. low profile (from ‘so lo so fi‘)
3. Eyes/Stars (from ‘Wilco Sowjet’)
4. untitled (from ‘cd’tje voor…‘)
5. no pun intended (from ‘a simple guide‘)
6. Sunday Evening (from ‘Locus Communis’)
7. frisbee (from ‘sept 2003‘)

link: https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/brunk/episodes/2008-02-02T13_28_19-08_00

This new brunk podcast is a quiet and melodic one… It contains some slower songs from former brunk recordings, and various samples from movies and other sources. The snippets of a man reading in French, that’s Albert Camus himself, reading from his famous classic ‘L’étranger’… Two movies from witch I used samples in between songs are ‘Naked Lunch’ (David Cronenberg, 1991) and ‘the Invisible Man’ (H.G. Wells, 1933), both exeptional movies; and also one I don’t remember (let me know if you recognise it…).